New Orleans Yoga

Reyn Studios New Orleans – offering a more accessible, contemporary, and integrated perspective on yoga.  Our yoga and movement-based classes offer a workout to strengthen together the body and the mind.

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    With our spotlight being on students this Spring, we’d like to share a paper written by a fellow Tulane student, Sarah Gilman. …read more


Reyn Studios is a community-oriented space, and we host a variety of events throughout the year. Discover what is going on this month—from workshops to special guests and so much more.

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Our students are the heart of Reyn Studios. Feel the pulse. If you like what you hear, drop in for a class!

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Yoga, Basically

Get down with the basics & extend your reach. While yoga is the foundation of Reyn Studios, we also borrow from other contemporary movement practices to cultivate a unique, dynamic experience. Regardless of your background, there is a place for you in our welcoming community.

Our goal is to help people find their own practice and facilitate a space for growth by increasing, flexibility, strength, endurance, and focus with our wide range of class offerings. We aim to help our students integrate their body and mind connection, remaining grounded in the basics until each person can become their own teacher.


We believe diversity is one of the keys to a balanced life. In keeping with that philosophy, we offer traditional yoga as well as innovative movement-based classes.

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Our instructors bring a wide range of unique experience and skills to create our dynamic class offerings. Get to know us a little better. Then try something new!

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Whether you are dropping in for the day, in town for a month, or a life-long resident of our city, we have a pricing package made with you in mind.

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Event Space

Located in the heart of the CBD, we offer event space rentals for both private and corporate parties. With beautiful views, a warm interior, and plenty of room to mingle or dance, the distinctive and elegant environment of our studio space can be adopted and custom-tailored to suit the needs of your next function.

From fundraisers to holiday parties to local art markets, Reyn Studios has helped make a diverse range of events both special and successful. Learn how you can create a special night in our unique space.