Teacher Feature: Stephen Link

We took some time out to talk to Stephen Link about all things yoga and death metal. Make  sure to check out his Advanced Series starting this Saturday. Sowing the Seeds of an Advanced Practice

1.Brief, non-yoga teacher bio; other interests/passions. Where are you from? How many sibling if any? pets or no pets? I am from Jackson Hole, WY and have spent most of my life in the Rockies (Idaho, Montana, Colorado). Other than practicing Yoga I enjoy reading and studying comparative mythology, science fiction writing, philosophy, and psychology (I am a bit of a nerd). I am the co-steward of a lovely feline named Polli with my partner Noelle, and my brother is a cobbler in Portland, OR.

2. Least favorite / hardest posture for you. Least favorite posture usually denotes an opportunity for growth so it’s challenging to say that I don’t like any one of them more than others. Karandavasana has certainly been the most challenging posture in the Ashtanga Vinyasa system I’ve yet to encounter so I suppose we can go with that. If you are unfamiliar with the pose I suggest watching a video because it is totally nuts.

3. What are you enjoying about your practice right now? My practice is in a very good place right now and I am happy to leave it as it is for awhile. I feel like I’ve reached a place where I am comfortable and it is important to take a break from learning new postures or sequences and to let the work I have cultivated settle deep into my bones. The vibe is more akin to surfing or skateboarding now than anything, just riding the wave of breath and getting into deeper and deeper layers of awareness and intelligence. Sort of the goal from the get go right?

4. Favorite thing about being a teacher. Being a teacher is a hoot! Hard at times to remember that it is a full time job because I always feel so good after a class is over that I forget I was working to pay the bills. Definitely a change of pace from working at bars and having yoga be my outlet, to working at yoga studios and having bars be my outlet haha!

5. Favorite NOLA restaurant or hang out. Barrel proof is my spot, home away from home. Love that crew.

6. Something students may not know about you. You might not perceive this on the outside but I think Norwegian Black Metal is pretty much the greatest music ever.

7. Yogi-toe, Yay? or Nay? No on the yogi toe! I keep it oldschool with a cotton rug made in Mysore, India. It’s more absorbent, has more weight so it doesn’t slide around, and makes you look awesome.