A Q & A with Shannon & Heidi about their 30 Day Program.












I asked Shannon and Heidi some questions in hopes of shedding more light on their post Mardi Gras – Program: 30 Days to Equanimity: Bringing Balance to Your Practice with Heidi and Shannon.  Here’s the information they’ve shared with me.

What’s included with the $125 price?

5 90-minute group sessions with both of us. (Sunday afternoons at 3:30 p.m. from Feb 22-March 22). As well as unlimited email communication and handouts each week that summarize the material covered for future reference.

We will be encouraging you to practice asana everyday. Your current Reyn Studios package can be applied or you can buy a Monthly Unlimited at the beginning of the program.

What will we do in the weekly meetings? 

Each meeting will be structured around a particular theme and will include a brief yogic philosophy focus (for example, an introduction to the chakras), a different guided mediation technique each week, breath work techniques and an explanation of their particular benefits, and an asana focus.









Am I still allowed to eat and drink what I want during this challenge?

Yes. We will provide a framework for diet “dos” during the challenge but we are not stipulating any “dont’s.” Diet modifications are entirely personal. The first week of the challenge we will focus on mindful consumption by journaling what we eat and drink, in order to provide a realistic snapshot of our habits. From there, each participant will be empowered to choose what they might want to change about their consumption. As a group we will work to create a supportive and nonjudgmental environment in which positive and sustainable changes can occur.

Can I start my juice/smoothie cleanse at any time? 

Yes, though we will encourage participation as a group.

Whats the overall goal of the next 30 days? 

The goal is to provide students with an introduction to elements of a balanced yoga practice that go beyond the physical/asana practice. We hope to build community as a group and provide an open atmosphere for positive transformation. We will also provide additional resources to students who are interested in pursuing any of the subject areas in more depth.

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How do I sign up? Where can I pay?

Sign up by emailing Heidi (heidi@reynstudios.com) and/or Shannon (shannon@reynstudios.com)