Abbreviated Schedule + Weekender Pass

Make sure to stay up to date on our schedule during the next week. Starting on Weds we will switch to an abbreviate schedule to accommodate our staff and students during the Carnival. With the parades surrounding us, it sometimes can be difficult to get to or from the studio. Here are a couple tips from to help ensure your arrive on time and stress free. Getting Around New Orleans During Mardi Gras

If you choose to try riding a bike and it’s not your usual transportation. Check out’s Mardi Gras biking tips as well as the LA Biking Guide.

Don’t forget to download a parade tracker on your phone. This will help you see where the start of the parade is in case you can get across the barricades before they close them.  WDSU has our favorite.


Visiting for a short while? Check out our Weekender Pass. We offer a $35, 3 day pass. The weekender allows you to practice once a day for three consecutive days for only $35. If you want to practice more then once a day, you can purchase a $5 follow up class. Keep in mind the pass does expire after 3 consecutive days.


We wish you all a happy, fun, and SAFE Carnival this year! Check out the rest of the months events including a post Mardi Gras 30 Day Program with Heidi and Shannon to get your practice back on track.


Laissez les bons temps rouler!