Abs, Arms, & Ass (AAA)

Abs, Arms & Ass

Lets face it, we all want to look our best. Meditation, yoga, and clarity all sound nice, but sometimes we just want to focus on those areas that get us ready for the beach. You want results, and you want them yesterday. Its time to do the aptly named arms, abs, & ass class.

Fusing the best moves from Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and even break dancing, this high energy class is designed to get you cut with moves that you can do without the gym. Guaranteed to add some spice to your workout and teach you some creative core techniques.   Abs, Arms & Ass, or AAA for short, class will force you to do what we all have trouble doing on our own, push your body to achieve that look we want and have fun doing it.   New moves are introduced every class to keep your body constantly guessing and the routine fresh.   Stop trying out the latest trendy cleanse diet and hit up the arms, abs and ass class.

The Serious Stuff:
Reyn Studio’s Abs, Arms, & Ass class is a higher intensity workout designed with stability enhanced core moves that work the entire abdominal area along with the biceps, triceps, and gluteal muscles. All exercises are designed with cross functional movements that rely on recruiting multiple muscle groups to stabilize and strengthen targeted areas. Each exercise is introduced with variations to ensure students of all levels get their maximum workout with no strain on the lower back or neck area.