Beating the Obligatory Winter Cold.

Oh Louisiana, such a love hate relationship. We love you and your bi polar weather that grants us 70 degree days in January. But we don’t love the effect this instability has on our immune systems. Sure being exposed to actual germs and viruses are the real reasons we get colds but the physical effects of things like extreme temperature changes or upcoming rain storms can make us more susceptible.  We can’t control the weather but we can adopt healthy practices to prevent illness as well as shorten their duration. Here’s a couple of our favorites.

Ginger Root



Our in house Ayuvedic specialist, Sharon Floyd says she, “cannot recommend fresh ginger enough” when it comes to prevention and treatment. Ginger has natural anti inflammatory and antiseptic properties as well a being a natural cough suppressant. It’s not only versatile in how it positively affects your body. It’s also versatile in the kitchen. You can throw it in a smoothie first thing for a eye opening good morning, pair it with some lemon for a delicious vitamin C infused tea that can warm and sooth an achy respiratory system or simmer it with some greens and broth for a savory detoxing dinner.










How sweet it is. Don’t underestimate this seemingly innocent substance lurking on your shelves. Honey is lethal to bacteria! Manuka honey especially is known to kill key proteins in bacteria. Studies also show it can reverse bacteria resistance to antibiotics. Have a cough with that cold? Honey is a natural cough suppressant. Add a little sweetness to that lemon/ginger tea we talked about earlier for some extra cold fighting fortification.








Rest and Sleep


You’ve heard it time and time again. Getting enough sleep makes everything function properly. But what about Rest? The two together play a crucial part in the first few days of a potential cold. We’ve all been there. You feel the tickle or the sneezing starts then so does the denial. What you should of done is took it easy but what you did was ran 5 miles in the cold or stayed out late at that oh so necessary social obligation. You wasted all that precious energy that could have gone to your immune system and now its a full blown cold. Besides making sure you get enough sleep at night what about having some periods of low energy down time especially when you feel like you might be coming down with something. Put your feet up, watch a movie, and stay in for the day. There is a lifetime ahead of you to get in all that activity as a healthy, present, happy, human.






keep calm and hydrate


The more that goes in the more that goes out right. Staying hydrated keeps your system in working order. It’s also known to break up mucus and keep an aching throat moist and less irritated. Make sure you are getting enough non caffeinated, sugar free beverages throughout the day. Your top choice is good ole H20, but herbal teas, sparkling water, or some coconut waters can also be adequate sources.









Remember if you are feeling sick, stay at home. Don’t spread the germs at work or at the studio. We wish you good health through out the rest of the lovely mild Louisiana winter.