Calling all runners!

1557614_748028101912364_6020542465307464787_nWe are excited to launch our new and improved Run Club program here at Reyn Studios. We will be building to participate as a strong dedicated group in this years Crescent City Classic. Below are details about the classes, the new schedule, and even a special Run Club class package

What is Run Club? Well the first rule of Run Club is you talk about Run Club to EVERYONE! Run Club will start with a warm up and a 30 minute led run. These runs will vary in milage and pace according to the group or goal. After, we head back to the studio for core conditioning work followed by a good stretch. Not only does Run Club provide a great work out , it provides a great way to meet fellow multifaceted athletes, and a great place to bring your race training questions.

Run Club CCC Group: First meeting is Saturday, February 7th at 8:30 am. The class will start with an easy run. David will assess the group and discuss in further detail the break down of the Run Club work outs over the next 8 weeks. Every Saturday, David will offer specific drills to work on form and workouts  such as short repeats/tempo runs to gain strength and speed to run your best or first 10k. Run Club will be twice a week for an hour and fifteen minutes. We will meet on Wednesdays at 5:45a and Saturdays at 8:30a. We love the am run times to help you get your run in with plenty of time to make it to work or have a full Saturday.

Note: This group is for all runners and levels. We suggest having a run base of 2-3 miles. We feel his foundation will be beneficial for this kind of training program but is not necessary.

Meeting times: Saturdays at 8:30a  & Wednesdays at 5:45a


Yoga for Runners: Tight hamstrings. Check. Tight hips. Check. Calves? Don’t even go there. Let’s face it, we all know we need to stretch more but it just takes so long after those weekend long runs! Whether you are new to yoga, or have been around the yogi block, this is the class engineered for the runner in all of us whether it be: Elite, Amateur, Clydesdale, or Athena. This class focuses on strength and flexibility in the areas where you need it the most: hips, hamstrings, calves and core. Learn how to keep away those nagging injuries and prevent new ones, all while building the strength and flexibility to get that next PR.

Yoga for Runners CCC Group: This is a vinyasa style class with a focus in building core strength along with improved flexibility in the hamstrings and hips through modified yoga flows. Poses and movements are presented with in depth explanations along with series of modifications to ensure all students gain the maximum benefit from each posture. This class can be taken with or without prior yoga experience. It is proven that yoga and running are the perfect pair. We will learn how to apply the principles we learn in yoga to our running practice and vice versa making you a more efficient, well rounded, and centered athlete.

Meeting Times: Tuesdays at 6p & Thursdays at 6:30a

Run Club Class Package $360.00 : We are excited to offer a class package just for our Run Club. Buying this package gives you a major discount on our drop in or regular package pricing. The Run Club package includes all 4 of the Run Club classes for 8 weeks. That means 2 Run Clubs and 2 Yoga for Runners classes per week for less then $12 a class. You can purchase this package online by clicking on our   Class Schedule page or sign up at the studio the day of .