Cheryl Golich – RYT 200

Cheryl Golich

Cheryl guides a broad spectrum of yoga classes, varying in styles and intensities. She is inspired by the dance like flow of Vinyasa, rejuvenated by the calming qualities of restorative and always loves getting back to basics by teaching those brand new to yoga. Starting each yoga practice by setting an intention is an important element in Cheryl’s classes, deepening the transformative nature of the practice. Encouraging students and building their confidence provides the supportive platform for students to challenge themselves while maintaining a deep respect for their bodies. She encourages students to explore self-imposed restrictions; allowing for a more expansive, spacious yoga practice. Her classes are frequently described as challenging with a deep nurturing element.

A beautiful journey into the foothills of Santa Barbara enabled Cheryl to complete her 200hr teaching certification with Ganga and Tracey; founders of The White Lotus Foundation.  Cheryl’s passion for travel has provided the opportunity for her to deepen her yoga studies with many gifted teachers, including Michael Fukumura, Erich Schiffmann, Baron Baptist, Ana Forest, Richard Freeman and Keith Borden.  Watching the yoga community build in New Orleans has been very exciting for Cheryl to experience. She enjoys practicing at many studios in the city and with many different instructors.

Growing up in southern California provided the environment for Cheryl to develop a deep love of nature and outdoor activities. Recently Cheryl has taken her yoga practice off the mat and onto the water. SUP or stand up paddleboarding has blended her love of water, nature and yoga into a deeper understanding of balance and the playful connection of mind, body and heart.

“Come play on your mat, open up to each unique experience and give yourself permission to explore and be curious on and off your mat. Find your yoga everywhere.”