Combatting the Dehydration Monster in Info Graphics + more!

Sticking with our “finding cool within the heat”  theme this month, today we will share with you some interesting facts about hydration.  Here we’ve compiled helpful info graphics, list based articles, and even an iPhone App. We hope this sends you on your way to healthy, happy, hydrated day. Enjoy.

Check out iDrated : an iPhone App for tracking your Hydration.

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info graphic credit: Plant Based Dietician 













info graphic credit: Nestle Pure Life




Hunger or Hydration? What is your body really asking for? – great article full of facts, tips, and info graphics on distinguishing hunger and thirst.

Mind Body Green: 5 Hydration Facts You Need to Know (But Probably Don’t) – One of my favorite websites. This article is a quick 5 tips on staying hydrated and why you’re not.