Cooling Summer Foods

As temperatures rise here in Louisiana, it’s common to crave a cooling and refreshing summer menu. Below we’ve shared some nutritious, local, and seasonally inspired picks from our staff here at Reyn Studios.

Melon Everything! The South is famous for having great tasting melon. We know when it’s hot they are ripe and ready. The Glitter Guide shares some melon based recipes like this simple salad with only 5 ingredients. I personally like to add a lil’ cayenne or red pepper flakes. The spice balances the sweetness of the fruit. Remember all of these ingredients can be found at any of our  local Farmer’s Markets. If you are short on time and need a place to “Grab N Go”? Stop by Green Fork on Prytania for a mason jar of their Creole Gazpacho. Watermelon + Creole Tomatoes, Oh My!


Image Credit: The Nutritional Epiphany

2. Vietnamese Food! My favorite Vietnamese in the city is Magasin Vietnamese Cafe. They have delicious everything! It’s hard to narrow down what I’m going to get but there are two dishes that are hard to steer away from, especially in the summer: Spring Rolls and Bun. Louisiana historically is home to a large Vietnamese community. The cuisine of a hot, humid Vietnam fits right in with the similar Louisiana summer. Spring Rolls contain the correct ratio of protein to carbs to veggies. Bun or the vermicelli rice noodle salad can be made carb free by leaving off the noodles, not to mention gluten free since they are rice noodles. I like to add extra lime and cilantro to everything for that extra cooling affect.


Image credit: foodographer

Civeche! New Orleans is known for their seafood and what better way to enjoy it during these hot months then with some cooling ceviche. Our neighbors, Cafe Carmo, in the Central Business District offer local Gulf caught Triple Tail Civeche as a summer menu special. They have a steady supply of  refreshinig Tropical Juices to select from. My favorite is the Cupuacu, as interesting as the name suggests. You can also grab a whole coconut cut open right in front of you. Just grab a straw and you’re ready to go. Coconut water is said to be natures sports drink due to the amount of naturally occurring potassium, magnesium, and electrolytes. It’s a great way to rehydrate after a work out.


Image credit: Mark’s Daily Apple

What are some of your go to favorites? Remember most importantly in this summer heat , it’s crucial to stay hydrated. Hydration starts the day before. Set reminders to make sure to get your daily recommended intake. This also means doubling up when you plan sweaty outdoor or heated workouts.

Tune in here for more News, Events and Lagniappe from us at Reyn till then stay cool, hydrated and happy!