December Workshops and Events

unnamed-2 unnamed-3Reyn Studios Holiday Bazaar

It’s that time again! Come help us celebrate 3 years. Take a candle lit stroll through our Holiday Bazaar featuring vendors galore and an open bar ‘Tis the perfect place to shop for family and friends from your favorite local elves – we hope you can attend!

When: Thursday, Dec 4th from 6 -9p
Where: Upstairs of 725 Magazine in the MainStage Studio
How Much: Suggested Donation of one toy for the ICAN Foundation







 Partner Fitness and Flexibility 

PFF is an acrobatics-inspired workshop taught by Andrew Zutell & Ashley Brown of Out On a Limb. It combines the trust and playfulness of partner exercises with the discipline and athleticism of gymnastics.

The workshop is designed to deepen the practice of yoga and wellness for those who attend by providing them with the basic skills and knowledge they need to work safely and comfortably together with others. With the proper guidance and techniques, each partner can achieve more than is possible in his or her solo practice.

Andrew and Ashley provide a fun, challenging, and safe environment for discovering how working with partners can allow us to stretch and exercise more intensely and with more control and feedback. We will explore exciting, empowering positions such as handstands, lifts, counter-balances, and partner stretching.

Singles and groups are welcome—you do not have to come in pairs! This workshop is a great way to mix it up and meet new people.

When: Saturday, Dec 13th 1:30 – 3:30p
Where: Upstair of 725 Magazine st in the MainStage Studio
  How Much: $40/pair $25/single



Om for the Holidays!
Meditation, Movement, and Pranayama Workshop
With Shannon Hill and Lindsey Crow

Get centered for the season! Learn what it really means to quiet the mind, exist in the present moment, and feel peaceful and at ease in any situation (including family functions).

The art of meditation is a practice and a pathway to stilling the fluctuations of a busy mind so that you may tap into deeper levels of awareness and personal truth. Meditation can aid you in discovering both what you need to release and what you need to cultivate in your life in order to find serenity, focus, and be present. This workshop will include movement to prepare the body for sit-ting, ancient breathing techniques (pranayama) to calm the mind, guided visualizations, and a list of sources to continue your meditation practice on your own.

When: Saturday, Dec 20th 1:30 – 3:30p
Where: Upstairs of 725 Magazine st in the MainStage Studio
How Much: $35