Gait Keeper: A Runner’s (or Walker’s) Reset for Tension Relief.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 10.49.02 AMIf you wear thick-soled shoes, run on pavement or subject your feet to the irregularity of the New Orleans streets and sidewalks, you probably have underlying muscular tension and anatomical irregularities. You may be a serious runner.  You may be a casual jogger.  Either way, your locomotion patterns impact your ability to perceive your body’s movements.  Did you know the way you run (or walk) affects the way you breathe (and vice versa)?  In this post-Crescent City Classic Yoga Tune Up® workshop, experience a series of corrective exercises, mobility and self-care tactics and breathing techniques that down-regulate an agitated nervous system.  This session is geared toward runners and athletes, but is open to anyone wanting to feel better in his or her body.  No previous yoga experience is necessary.


We’re excited to welcome Claiborne Davis Yoga & Fitness for a post Crescent City Classic workshop.This workshop will benefit all who move or shake on a daily basis.

Check out Claiborne’s myriad of helpful Yoga Tune Up® based information on his social media and website.


Claiborne Davis made a break from seven years as a television news producer to become an E-RYT 200, Integrated Yoga Tune Up®/Physio Tune Up™ teacher and group fitness instructor.  A fervent follower and player of tennis, he also burns through burpees at his CrossFit affiliate, actively combats ankylophobia among the masses and continues seemingly futile efforts to make cheesecake and deep-fried jalapeños into the perfect post-workout meal.  For information, go to