Gemma Birnbaum

gemma birnbaum 2“When I came to Reyn Studios, I hadn’t practiced yoga in over 2 years due to an illness that left me with extensive scar tissue on my lungs and frequent muscle spasms. I decided to try a class after walking by one day, and after my first class with Lauren in the heated studio, I felt like I’d finally found something that was going to help me heal not just physically, but also emotionally from the anxiety of dealing with medical issues. Environment is key in my ability to have a successful practice and the beautiful, minimalist studio was exactly what I needed to focus and relax. I initially planned to only go one or two days a week, but soon found myself trying to find time almost daily to make it to a class.

Each teacher brings such a unique style that I never get bored, and the variety of difficulty, pace, and tone has made my practice much more well-rounded. Instead of getting angry at my body for the things it can’t do, I’ve learned to appreciate all the wonderful things it is capable of. The teachers at Reyn have found a great balance between challenging students and knowing when someone needs to hold back. I feel pushed, but never pressured. The constant encouragement from the staff and their reminders that yoga is a lifelong practice have kept me going both in and out of the studio, and I am much more calm during the workday. While I have been losing the weight I gained while sick, one of the things I appreciate most about Reyn Studios is that it’s about strength, endurance, and awareness of one’s body. No one ever says, “Burn off that cookie!” or “Attack your fat!” (Both are things I’ve been told at other studios.) I don’t want to feel like I have to attack my body or feel guilty about eating; I want to feel good about myself. I’ve never left a class at Reyn feeling anything but motivated, energized, and strong. They have helped me gain back my strength and confidence both on and off the mat, and I can’t wait to see where they help me take my practice.”

Gemma Birnbaum – Reyn Studios Client since February of 2012

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