Happy Mardi Gras + More

Happy Carnival Everyone! 

We will start with our abbreviated holiday hours again this week. The last classes will be held at 4p, Weds-Fri, Feb, 22nd through the 24th. We will have one class a day on Sat, Sun, and Lundi Gras, Feb 25th through 27th and on Tue, Feb 29th, Mardi Gras Day, the studio will be closed.

Coming soon in March! We’re excited to bring you some new additions to the schedule following Mardi Gras.

Moving Meditation: Sowing the Seeds of Advanced Practice with Stephen L, Saturdays from 1:30-3:30p March 4-25th. 

Join Stephen Link for an in depth workshop series designed to develop your yoga practice and take that next step. This series is designed for students with an existing yoga practice who feel comfortable (but not necessarily proficient), in most of the major postural groups. Recommended reading (not required!) during the workshop is Richard Freeman’s: The Art of Vinyasa.

Elevate Entrepreneurs with Summer S + Athleta. Thursdays, from 12:30 – 1:00p 

“Elevate entrepreneurs” meditation series brought to you by The Distillery + Athleta + Reyn Yoga Entrepreneurs are the keepers of their company. They manage all of the elements of their business at once. That takes extreme focus.We’ve got something for that. Meditation improves focus, concentration, and management. That’s why we are excited to bring you this special meditation series curated for entrepreneurs.

Find Your Focus with this powerful practice. This 30 minute practice will include a 10 minute introduction with a cleansing, deep breathing technique followed by 20 minutes of guided meditation. You will leave energized and ready to execute your vision with clarity.

Join us for Elevate Entrepreneurs every Thursday in March from 12:30-1:00pm.

This is a free class to sign up please go to this link: Eventbrite.com/e/elevate-entrepreneurs-meditation-series

Prenatal w/Katherine Jilbert. Mondays, from 1:30 – 2:45p

A yoga class specifically designed for women at any stage of their pregnancy and any level of yoga experience. The class will allow a safe and supportive environment to explore a deeper connection to your changing physical body and mental attitude through movement, breath, and meditation. This is also a great opportunity to engage with other women and share wonderful resources regarding pregnancy and child rearing.

Katherine Jilbert is a Mama Tree Certified Prenatal Instructor, having studied under well-known Prenatal Teacher, Jane Austen. Currently experiencing the beauty of motherhood herself, Katherine is excited to spread the gift that yoga is to mamas to be.

We wish everyone a safe and fun time this week!