Lorelie Ashe

LoreliebA semi retired trapeze artist and teacher Lorelei started taking movement classes with Martha Graham dancer Willa Shulman in 1969 at age 4. A career in dance, both modern and jazz, lead to aerial dance and then to circus with a few breaks for injuries in between. Lorelei is proud to have been coached on static trapeze and rings by world renowned Elena Panova, on Tissu by Amanda Star Kelly and in character by Dominique Jando and Jeff Razz. Lorelei has performed in a variety of venues – theatres, nightclubs, museums and office buildings for a diverse array of causes (from Blue Water Network to Queeruption) and a multitude of troupes large and small (from Circus Finelli to Velocity Circus). Additionally Lorelei appeared in videos for San Francisco Vaudeville and the rock band You Said Saturday.

In 2003 Lorelei began as an instructing assistant for introductory static trapeze at the San Francisco Circus Center. By the end of 2004 she was teaching aerial conditioning, intro to aerial skills and static trapeze. In 2006 she began coaching choreography to aerialists developing their own acts.Moving to NYC in August 2007, Lorelei received training from Radu at Radu Physical Culture in the Radu method, as well as receiving NASM CPT certification. In addition to personal training around the city Lorelei taught workshops to aerialists at Murray Hill Aerial fitness. In June 2008 Lorelei arranged for trapeze and rope to be rigged at her favorite gym in NYC, Hype Gym and began teaching group classes in addition to private training sessions. Adding Kettlebell Concepts training to her repertoire, Lorelei brought her multifaceted fitness routines to New Orleans 2009!