Maria Klaffky

Maria grew up in New Orleans and moved back recently after living in the northeast for 14 years. Maria started practicing yoga in 2009 at Sacred Rivers Yoga, CT and started her first 200-Hr teacher training there the following year! She immediately recognized the gifts of yoga and continued to work on her own practice. This initial training was Maria’s first step into the rapidly growing Yoga world and only made her want to dive deeper. In 2014, ready to share the gifts of Yoga, Maria went on to complete another 200-Hr Teacher Training with Wild Abundant Life focusing on Power Yoga and began teaching soon after. Through her practice and teaching, Maria found a more fulfilling life of peace, joy and enthusiasm. She loves to teach but always finds that she learns more from her students. She is always humbled when she sees the same kind of “awakening” in them. Whether she’s moved by the music or the shapes created in a sequence, Maria loves to find inspiring ways to flow through a Yoga practice. Her passion for music is weaved throughout her challenging and fun classes where she loves to see students sweaty and smiling.

She encourages students to leave their expectations behind, focus on the present moment, and most importantly to just enjoy the ride!

Maria Pose