Meet the Community!

Everyone Meet, Carder!


Name:  Carder Anne  Higinbotham

Where are you originally from?  

Born in New Orleans but moved away, then came back as a young adult and moved away again, then came back again as a mature adult but younger at heart.  New Orleans gets in your DNA.

What do you do outside of the studio? (job wise)  

 I just recently finished my executive MBA at Tulane and have been doing global business development for an incredible biotech start up called “Theodent”.  The company manufactures toothpaste and has a technology that is a non-toxic ingredient from chocolate instead fluoride to re-build the enamel of your teeth.  Yes, we make chocolate toothpaste!!  We found our technology to be more effective than fluoride and are changing the course of history.

How long have you been practicing at Reyn?

I have been practicing at Reyn since this February.  Why, are there any other studios in town???

What keeps you coming back?  

I love the instructors and the beautiful space.  It has reshaped my body and my mind.  It has given me a sense of serenity that I can not claim anywhere else.

Whats your favorite time/day to practice?  

I don’t have a favorite time, it usually depends on the class and the instructor.

Describe your favorite place in New Orleans.

I love city park.  I take my dog to an isolated area to let him run wild like he was meant to.

Favorite way to hydrate or refuel after class?

I am a big fan of alkaline water but I also like to balance it out with a chocolate peanut butter bar from Bittersweet.

YogiToes or not?  

Definitely Yogi Toes!!!!  I finally bought one for myself after renting one for six months!!!