Meet the Community

 Everyone meet Tom! 
Name: Thomas Ewing
Where are you originally from? Monroe, LA
What do you do outside of the studio? Surgeon
How long have you been practicing at Reyn? I’m pretty sure I’ve been practicing with you for about 1.5 years.
What keeps you coming back? I keep practicing because it keeps me sane!  My practice is a moving meditation for me and my mental “reset” button.
Whats your favorite time/day to practice? I prefer to practice first thing in the AM, though I’m usually there at noon on business days.
Describe your favorite place in New Orleans. My favorite place in NOLA is my home!
Favorite way to hydrate or refuel after class? Hydrate with Reyn Water, of course.  Vegan shakes work well too!
YogiToes or not? I’m a YogiToes fan!