Meet the Community

Everyone meet Andy!

Name: Andy Kiker

Where are you originally from? Denham Springs, LA.  It’s a not-so-small-anymore town outside of Baton Rouge.

What do you do outside of the studio? I’m a Paralegal.  I currently work as a Federal Contractor providing litigation support for the Department of Justice.

How long have you been practicing at Reyn?  Roughly 2 years and counting.

What keeps you coming back? The variety of classes and teachers.

Whats your favorite time/day to practice? I love the noon classes at Reyn because they fit into my schedule well, but my favorite time to practice is at sunset.  I love the synchronicity of ending my practice at twilight and coming out of savasana at dusk.

Describe your favorite place in New Orleans.  Magazine Street on a Sunday morning looking for a place to have brunch.

Favorite way to hydrate or refuel after class? Plain water. Maybe a LaCroix if I’m feeling frisky.

YogiToes or not? I sweat a lot, so YogiToes is a must for me.  Unless I feel like doing a slow flow practice, where I can work on going deeper.