Meet The Community!

Introducing the first of a new “yog” series featuring some of the students in our community. We’ve asked them a series of fun questions in hopes we all get to know each other better. Be sure to say, “Hi!” next time you see them in the studio.


Everyone, Meet Margaux!

Name: Margaux Maizlish
Where are you originally from? Baltimore, MD
What do you do outside of the studio? (job wise) I’m the Social Media Accounts Manager at FSC Interactive
How long have you been practicing at Reyn? Just celebrated my one year anniversary! I found Reyn shortly after I moved to NOLA.
What keeps you coming back? The intensity of the practice is my favorite thing about Reyn. I never enjoyed yoga before because I didn’t feel like I was getting enough of a work out. I’m also in love with the instructors. Chelsea’s classes are what got me addicted.
Whats your favorite time/day to practice? I love starting my day with a 6:15/6:30am class, and Mondays at 5:30pm with Cheryl are perfect.
Describe your favorite place in New Orleans. Nowhere in particular, just biking around with my boyfriend. Actually, maybe the raw bar at Pascale Manale’s.
Favorite way to hydrate or refuel after class? Water and carbs. Sometimes green juice.
YogiToes or not? Nope! I love the good old fashioned hand towel method.