Mission Statement

Reyn Studios seeks to provide a unique space in New Orleans that incorporates the traditional practice of yoga, physical exercise, and a modern understanding of our bodies and minds. We offer a variety of yoga and movement-based classes that are both accessible and contemporary to achieve these goals.

Our Major Aims

Yoga is the focus and basis of movement in our studio. Though we often use music in class, we don’t need music to follow the rhythm. With breath and heartbeat come constant rhythm; each person’s body has a unique, internal beat. We believe there is never just one “right” way of posturing the body or the mind. Yoga is not one size fits all. Our major aims at Reyn Studios include:

Accessibility: Our course instructors teach classes at a variety of levels. Our intro level classes are designed for everyone, allowing you to master the basics. If you are an experienced practitioner but new to Reyn Studios, our advanced level classes allow you to pick up where you left off.

Awareness: Our classes encourage a mindful practice that develops both body and mental discipline. Each student can meet the instructor where they feel comfortable, allowing you to incorporate traditional texts, class themes, or more challenging poses as you see fit.

Community: Our students serve as the foundation of Reyn Studios. In addition to working together toward a more advanced awareness, our students and instructors develop a strong sense of community that creates a welcoming, comfortable, challenging, and fun environment.

Change: Our hope is that you will achieve a heightened understanding of body and mind as you continue to evolve your practice and eventually learn to make it your own.

What can yoga change for you? Changes may start with the more superficial – the way you look and feel – but eventually lead to a change in the way you interact with the world. Our connections with the world always begin with ourselves. Once we establish a genuine connection with the self, we can expand that connection outward with confidence, strength, tranquility, and humility.