Neighborhood Love: Spotlight on Carmo

One of the most commonly asked questions here at Reyn Studios, with the exception of “Do you have mats?” is “Where should I go eat?” Many a conference goer or Power Hour attendee will inquire at the front desk as to where they can grab a casual, healthy, bite somewhere close to the studio. The answer is unanimously Carmo.









Carmo is located on Julia st between Camp st and Magazine st. Just a stones throw away from our studio. It’s a lively cafe that focuses on Caribbean inspired dishes. Their menu features interesting items like salads that are definitely outside of the “mixed greens” box, a plantain cake based “bread less fork sandwich”called the Rico, obscure tropical fruit juices that are chock full of vitamins, and some of the most flavorful soups I’ve ever had. Hello, delicious gluten free gumbo! In fact they have a numerous amount of gluten free modifications as well as vegan options for just about every thing on their menu. I recommend calling to check on the Special and Soup of the day because they tend to be both unique and amazing.















I can’t say enough good things about this place. Their staff is just as stellar as their food. They are always so nice and hospitable as well knowledgable about the food they are serving. Carmo also participates in the NOLA Locavore Challenge as well as promotes sustainable fishing practices locally and abroad.

If you are in need of a healthy but delicious pre/post yoga, or whenever meal head into Carmo. Here’s a list of some of our staff’s favorites.

RS Staff Go To’s: IMG_4344


Shannon: Veggie King or Veggie Rico of course Soup of the Day and they have “killer” Vegan chocolate chip cookies.

Jenn: Esmeralda salad (no cheese), green salad with homemade Dijon dressing, Soup of the Day. Cupuacu juice.

Reyn: Pork Rico, Esmeralda Salad, and a fresh young coconut cracked open right in front of me.