November Workshops and Events

unnamedPartner Fitness & Flexibility 

PFF is an acrobatics-inspired workshop taught by Andrew Zutell & Ashley Brown of Out On a Limb. It combines the trust and playfulness of partner exercises with the discipline and athleticism of gymnastics.

The workshop is designed to deepen the practice of yoga and wellness for those who attend by providing them with the basic skills and knowledge they need to work safely and comfortably together with others. With the proper guidance and techniques, each partner can achieve more than is possible in his or her solo practice.

Andrew and Ashley provide a fun, challenging, and safe environment for discovering how working with partners can allow us to stretch and exercise more intensely and with more control and feedback. We will explore exciting, empowering positions such as handstands, lifts, counter-balances, and partner stretching.

Singles and groups are welcome—you do not have to come in pairs! This workshop is a great way to mix it up and meet new people.

When: Saturday, Nov. 15th 1:30 – 3:30p
Where: 725 Magazine st in the MainStage Studio
How Much: $40/pair $25/single



Intermediate Arm Balances & Tricky Transitions 

Defy gravity! Launch into the holiday season with a strong core and open heart via an invigorating arm balance workshop with Ananda before she heads out of New Orleans and off to the next great adventure.

Arm balances are some of the most coveted and beneficial, yet intimidating, of yoga postures. This 2-hour workshop builds on “Lift, Leverage, Float, and Fly” and gives you the chance to take your arm balance practice steps further.

After an energizing warm-up, we will kinesthetically review the proper and fundamental biomechanics of chaturanga dandasana as the major building block of any arm balance, then move into establishing a sturdy kakasana (crow).

We will explore the open-hip arm balances eka pada koundinyasana II (one-legged arm balance), eka pada galavasana (flying pigeon), grasshopper, then reel the hips back in with eka pada koundinyasana I (twisted one-legged arm balance), and parsva kakasana (side crow).

The use of props, modifications, and instructor assistance will safely guide you through the journey of moving beyond perceived limitations to defy gravity. All levels are welcome to attend!

When: Sun, Nov. 23rd 1:30p – 3:30p (No Saints Game Day)
Where: 725 Magazine st. in the MainStage Studio
How Much: $35

IMG_4287Thanksgiving Practice 

We are having a Special 9:00a Hour + Fifteen Thanksgiving Practice with Ananda. We invite you to  celebrate with your studio family for a healthy serving of gratitude and grace before you start your day. This will also be your last opportunity to practice with Ananda before she heads off on her next adventure.

When: Thu, Nov. 27th 9:00a – 10:15a
Where: 725 Magazine st in the MainStage Studio
How Much: Regular pricing and packages apply.