Pose of the Month: Chatarunga Dandasana









February’s Pose of the Month is Chatarunga Dandasana or (Chatur) Four (anga) Limbed (Danda) Staff/Spine (asana) Pose. The sanskrit name refers to the four limbs touching the ground and the central support of the body, the spine.  This pose if a key pose in a vinyasa style yoga class.

Chatarunga is a strengthening pose for your abdomen, shoulders, and back. It also helps increase flexibility in your wrists and soles of the feet. Holding this pose can increase the stamina of being on your hands, leading to stronger inversions.

Unfortunately, Chatarunga Dandasana is notoriously practiced the wrong way. The most common mistake is a lack of attention to shoulder alignment. Repetitive inattention can lead to serious shoulder injuries. This month at Reyn, we will pay extra attention to the proper alignment of this pose during our daily classes.