Pose of the Month: Hanumanasana

“It was the greatest leap ever taken. The speed of Hanuman’s jump pulled blossoms and flowers into the air after him and they fell like little stars on the waving treetops. The animals on the beach had never seen such a thing; they cheered Hanuman, then the air burned from his passage, and red clouds flamed over the sky . . .” (Ramayana, retold by William Buck).

October’s Pose of the Month is Hanumanasana or  yogic splits. You can look forward to this challenging, yet beneficial pose offered in your daily flows at the studio. Hanumanasana not only opens the backs of the legs and the front of the hips but it also encourages the practitioner to connect to the core to facilitate a beautiful heart opener.

Hamstrings are strong but delicate parts of the leg. We advise students to take care, start slow, and think ease as we progress through “Hanumoctober” together.