Pose of the Month: Savasana












This month we are featuring Savasana or Corpse Pose.

Known to some, as the most challenging pose, Savasana marks the end of the physical practice of yoga. In the traditional version, the yoga practitioner lays on their back, with the arms and legs out at an angle away from the body, in full relaxation. There are many variations of this pose, that can be found with the use of props such as: blocks, bolsters or blankets underneath the body. Where’s the challenge you ask? Some find it very hard to lie still with no movement. Our lives can be busy and demanding. A real stimuli overload. Which can something as seemingly easy as just pausing, very hard.

We encourage everyone to make time for this pose. Savasana is an essential part of your practice. It brings, calming balance to the more energizing physical aspects of yoga. It’s necessity is often over looked. This month we challenge everyone to stay for Savasana after every practice.