Power Yoga for Athletes

Smart Athletic Friend: “Hey dude, you should totally try this yoga thing. It’s been amazing for my overall strength”
Misinformed Athletic Friend: “Sure buddy, I’ll make sure to see you there after I eat some granola and catch up on my chanting.”

Think yoga is just for hippies & soccer moms? Its cool.. you wouldn’t be the first athlete who has vastly underestimated yoga due to bad information or an unfortunate experience that may have involved more meditation than even a monk could handle. The Power Yoga for athletes class is designed to optimize your fitness and maximize your functional strength. We know your workout time is valuable and promise you an experience that will take your sport’s performance to the next level.

The Serious Stuff:
Yoga for athletes is a power vinyasa style that is open to all levels with a focus on enhancing full body strength and endurance. This class assumes an above average strength and fitness but offers adjustments for all levels. Power Yoga for athletes has been designed and is taught by a biomechanical engineer who competed as an NCAA Division I athlete and sub 10 hour Ironman triathlete.