Power Yoga R1 : Beginner Power Yoga

Power Yoga R1 – Introduction to Reyn Studio’s Power Yoga

So you’re afraid to try this whole new yoga thing right? Don’t be. Lose weight, better metabolism, no more aches and pains or weekend sports injuries…. Sounds pretty good right?

Whether you are the super flexible child gymnast, or the can’t touch your toes armchair enthusiast, you will enjoy and benefit from learning the fundamentals of power yoga in the R1 class. We will walk you through how to gain strength and flexibility that will keep you in shape without the weights (in the gym or in your mid section..)

The Serious Stuff:
Reyn Studio’s R1 is a beginner friendly vinyasa style class done at a moderate temperature and pace with all postures and poses explained in depth. The R1 class focuses on the fundamental movements and sequences that form the basis of a strong yoga practice with an emphasis on core strength and stability. All levels will find a challenge in the R1 class, with more advanced students revisiting the fundamentals of their practice.