Power Yoga R2: Intermediate Yoga

Power Yoga R2 – Level II Intermediate Power Yoga

Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikrim, Ashtanga, Iyengar… you throw these terms around like they are your best buds. You already own a yoga mat and don’t get confused when someone mentions their ‘yogi-toes’. You’re familiar with sun-salutations and ready to grow, and you are just about to master that arm balance you’ve been working on: Welcome to the R2 classes.

A class designed around building full body functional strength that will help you do everything in your life… better. More strength, more focus, more flexibility, and a workout that you will actually look forward to at the beginning or end of your day. Its time, ditch the gym membership with its monotonous routine, and come get a full body workout that will leave you begging for savasana.

The Serious Stuff: 
Reyn Studios R2 classes offer a well rounded workout that will challenge even the most advanced yoga practitioners with an emphasis on core and stability. This class moves at a quicker pace, with creative movement sequences structured to build targeted strength of body and mind, while maintaining Ujjayi breathing techniques. All R2 classes are practiced in a heated studio space for enhanced flexibility and detoxification. All R2 maintain the Reyn Studios advanced yoga structure while always varying postures and poses for continual growth and challenge as you explore your yoga practice.