Reyn Lambert – Owner


Educational Background

Born in New Orleans, Reyn Lambert has traveled the world, undertaking intensive studies of both ballet and yoga before returning home to open her own Vinyasa-style studio. She initially left New Orleans to study at The New School in New York, where she studied at Parsons School of Design with a concentration in Art History as well as Eugene Lang Liberal Arts College with a concentration in Dance earning a BAFA. While touring with the Lightwire Theater dance company, she began to work with Isauro Fernandez, Kaykay Clivio and lauren Bassett learning to incorporate the vigorous rhythmic flow of Vinyasa with the fluid movements of contemporary ballet.

As she began to shift her energies from dance to yoga, Reyn learned to intensify her practice with Geoffrey Roniger, a well-respected practitioner of the Alexander Technique and the Hatha traditions. Richard Rosen, a world-renowned expert in Pranayama, helped to open Reyn up to the more spiritual side of yoga. Coming from a broad education, this continuing study brought her back to the basics: honing the disciplines of alignment and breath while integrating an intimidate understanding of anatomy with posture.

“Discipline is the beginning of the road to both a physical and a mental balance.” – Reyn

Personal Practice

Studying the bhagavad gita, learning the yoga sutras, and focusing on the vital simplicity of the breath allowed Reyn to delve deeper into mindful meditation and incorporate that greater awareness into her everyday practice. Reyn describes her style as a vibrant Vinyasa: combining the discipline of Hatha, the rhythmic movements of Tai Chi and Taekwondo, the fluidity of Ashtanga, and the postures and inversions of Iyengar. By incorporating the notion of opposites rooted in the art of ballet, Reyn invents pairings of postures that can swing like a pendulum, achieving a balance of movement as well as a poetic cadence.

“There is never one ‘right’ way of doing a posture. Even the idea of sustaining a posture goes against the ebb and flow of your inhale and exhale. Accepting and working with these tiny movements and little augmentations is essential.” – Reyn

Teaching Philosophy

Reyn Studios opened in 2011, and became a space in New Orleans to offer a more accessible, contemporary, and fully integrated perspective on yoga practice. Her aim is to guide her students through an intuitive, natural flow from the beginning of class to the end. By moving through a series of sequences based upon common themes, each class’s unique arc can be revealed. For Reyn, these arcs come full circle, always cycling back to the essence of breath and balance. Every physical theme is paired with a mental component as she encourages students to find their own personal ebb and flow, wane and wax, yang and yin. In keeping with the principle of balance, Reyn also believes that taking one’s self too seriously can be as dangerous as a lack of focus. Since life itself is not entirely serious, her classes keep a sense of humor and humility—an attitude of discipline with a sense of playfulness that is truly reflective of our world. The work of yoga does not need to be focused on difficulty; you should enjoy the rigor of the practice you do for yourself.

“I want to teach my students that they are their own teacher. I want to help others find their own practice by facilitating a space for that growth and act as a tour guide to finding it.” – Reyn