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Everyone Meet Nikki!

Our student spotlight for the month of May! Follow her on Instagram @nikitanola and see how you can win a 5 class pass!

Where are you originally from?: I’m an Army brat, so I grew up in Germany and all over the U.S. – I usually say I’m “from” Austin because my family lives in Central Texas now.

What do you do outside of the studio? (job wise): I’m a freelance editor and writer – I write my own blog at, as well as create and edit content for clients. I also work at a hospital as a quality analyst.

How long have you been practicing at Reyn?: I honestly don’t know – I know I started doing yoga regularly in 2011, so I’m sure it was around then.

What keeps you coming back?: I love the variety of offerings – whether I’m in the mood for restorative, sweaty vinyasa, or strength training, there’s something on the roster that works.

Whats your favorite time/day to practice?: I love practicing in the morning, but with my current schedule it’s hard waking up before work. There’s just something really amazing about starting your day in a focused, centered way. I also love a Friday night practice – the ultimate TGIF 😉

Describe your favorite place in New Orleans.: I have a special spot in my heart for the Fly because it was the first place I ever met up with my boyfriend. I actually have a ring with the coordinates engraved on it. Beyond that, it’s just a great spot to lay by the river and read or get together with friends.

Favorite way to hydrate or refuel after class?: I got really big into coconut water after I started drinking it after class; it’s so satisfying and hydrating. I’m also always down for fish tacos, after class or anytime.

YogiToes or not?: No, but I want one!