Teacher Feature

Welcome to our first of a monthly series featuring our teachers and staff here at Reyn Studios. Find out interesting facts like where they come from, what they do off the mat, and whats their biggest challenge in their practice.

This month we start off with RS’s General Manager and Yoga for Runners teacher, Jenn Rogers.


1.Brief, non-yoga teacher bio; other interests/passions. Where are you from, what’s your heritage, how many sibling if any, pets or no pets.

 I am a Louisiana native. Baton Rouge, born and raised to be exact. No Cajun, Creole, or French blood in me what so ever. My family has been in Louisiana since the 1700’s. Believe it or not there is a little pocket of Protestant Scotch Irish that settled in the Northern part of the state. Thats where both sides of my family descend from. We’re real country. I became an expat and took off in 2003 to San Francisco for college, then Barcelona in 2007 for a little adventure, then Portland, OR  in 2009 for some much needed sanctuary. I’ve been back in the motherland for going on 4 years now. I will never leave this city. No pets. I wish I had the time.

 2. Least favorite / hardest posture for you.

 Ugh, Bound Malasana: I’m fighting against bone structure. Which is a battle I will loose every time. I have a very narrow pelvis with little to no turn out. That coupled with my running/cycling habit shortening my Achilles and tightening my calves. This pose can be very frustrating for me. I’ve got the bind with my “orangutang” length arms but it’s taken me YEARS to open my hips enough to be able to sit as deep as I can now in Malasana. When its offered in class, my mind instantly goes to that place of negativity. The “you can’t do this” mantra. Somedays that voice wins out. Other days, I can shake off the ego of my own limitations, breath, and just grab a damn block. When I am supported from the ground up, I can get into the twist and really take some oxygen into my lungs. Which instantly calms me down and feels good.

 3. What posture are you working on nailing right now?

 I wouldn’t say I’m concentrating on one posture specifically but I working on changing my practice in general. It was evolving to a weird place for me. I’m a natural “go getter”, I have an “over achiever, gotta do the best, gotta make it perfect” kind of personality. For a period of time I brought that attitude with me onto my mat. The “whats next?”, “whats the biggest, baddest pose I can get?” kind of attitude. I was becoming frustrated and bitter towards my practice. Something that had saved me in the beginning was now causing self doubt. I took a class online with a teacher I’ve had the pleasure of practicing with in SF, Jason Crandle. He said something that really struck a chord. He simply asked the question, Why? Why do you need to take that “over achieving”, ambitious, voice with you when you practice? It was just one of those moments where you are like, DUH! Yoga has always been a complement to my other movement habits. It’s been physical and mental therapy for me. A place where I didn’t have to be perfect or good at it or compete. So long story short I’m working on getting back there by keeping my practice more gentle, more passive, and more therapeutic.


4. Favorite / best feeling posture.

 I love a good supine twist with or without a hip or leg stretch. Its so interesting to me to feel how the body is connected. When I’m lying in a twist, the slightest adjustments distally can make huge differences proximally or vice versa. The ankle bone is connected to the leg bone, the leg bone….

 5. Favorite NOLA restaurant or hang out.

 Hard question! I used to bartend at Lilette and I can’t say enough good things about the food and drinks there or at Bouligny next door. Love those guys. Hang-out: My Hood -The LGD (Lower Garden District). I’m a big “nester” or homebody. I love my apartment. It’s got lots of space and light. It’s a place I can recharge. I’m either there, on my porch, or getting some coffee from Hi Volt down the street.

 6. Something students may not know about you.

 I have my own consulting company called Offre Joie Nola. I used to be in the bartending world for a while. With taking on the position of Gen Manager at the studio, time-wise I couldn’t keep a regular bar shift. Consulting allows me to stay in the game and keep flexing my cocktail muscles. I love it and it’s something that I can confidently say, I’m really good at.

 7. Yogi-toe, Yay? or Nay?

 Nay! I slip on Yogi-toes believe it or not. I’m a big believer of investing in a good sticky mat. You don’t need equipment to do yoga and thats appealing to me.