Teacher Feature: Eric Watkins

unnamed-71. Brief, non-yoga teacher bio; other interests/passions. Where are you from? How many siblings if any? pets or no pets?

I have so many hobbies; it’s ridiculous and hard to track. I guess my favorite one is flying. I attained my private pilot’s license a couple of years ago and have been exploring the skies every since, though I’ve yet to fly in New Orleans. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, but have moved around a bit since joining the Coast Guard. It’s good to be back in the South, though.  I have a half sister who is 15, so I feel a little older every day; trying to convince her to do yoga when she comes and visits. I hate pets, jk. I just don’t have the time, or willpower to take care of any right now. I have plants, they count.

2. Least favorite / hardest posture for you.

Any posture dealing with opening the hips, so just find a list and pick one, haha.  It’s the most humbling experience. To be honest, they are my favorite postures, because they challenge me and I have a tangible measure of growth.

unnamed-83. What are you enjoying about your practice right now?

Probably the fact that I don’t practice enough, so anytime I can step on the mat, it’s a joy. I enjoy learning from different teachers, that really helps me improve my own teaching ability and find new ways to express the vision I have for the class.

4. Favorite thing about being a teacher.

Looking at the individuality of each student. When you have a room full of students and each one’s practice is just a little different. How each person responds to your cues based on their understanding and body composition. It really builds the challenge of knowing how to cater your sequences to the individual abilities of your students.

5. Favorite NOLA restaurant or hang out.

Right now, it’s Barrel Proof. It looks like a barn, so it gets extra style points. And the Meat Frites are delicious.

unnamed-2 26. Something students may not know about you.

The best classes are when the floors are sweaty and the breath is loud, it makes it totally worth it.

7. Yogi-toe, Yay? or Nay?

Heck Yay. I don’t use it so much now since it’s not as hot. I tried to bust out “wheel” during a summer practice in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Needless to say, my hands and my fee slipped from under me. My ego won’t let that happen again, sometimes the ego is good.