Teacher Feature: Lindsey Crow

We stopped to talk to Lindsey Crow this month to find out more about what makes her tick. Keep reading for a little insight into whats she’s like off the mat.


1.Brief, non-yoga teacher bio; other interests/passions. Where are you from, what’s your heritage, how many sibling if any, pets or no pets.

I was born and raised in New Orleans. The only other city I’ve lived in is Los Angeles for a minute right out of High School. My whole life I thought I wanted to be a dolphin trainer; but then I got into acting and comedy; naturally,  I then went to work for a non-profit developing after-school arts programs for kids. The obvious next step was to go to law school, so I did that. Then after four years of law school, I decided I want to teach yoga full time. My parents were thrilled! I have a ferociously cute Pitbull named Kali (after the goddess of destruction). I still do improv comedy sometimes and occasionally participate in some fringe theater.

2. Least favorite / hardest posture for you.

Any one-legged standing, balance pose, except dancer (I like that one). There is just something about it; put me on one-foot and my whole body just starts to wig out! When I tell my teachers I struggle with balance, they suggest that its an embodiment of a deeper personality issue but I don’t see it 😉


3. What are you enjoying about your practice right now?

I’m enjoying focusing on greater alignment and stability. I truly love to flow, but if I don’t watch it it gets too fast and flimsy and I don’t feel the substance of the shapes. My practice is most fun when I’m fully engaged (both mentally and physically) and engaging often requires slowing down for a moment to really feel and be present to the subtle actions within the poses. I recently did a training in yoga therapy (yoga for people with injuries and limitations), and I really saw first-hand what this practice can do. I worked with a young woman who has been wheelchair bound her whole life who now has awareness and feeling and even new ranges of motion in her lower body after a few months of restorative yoga and private yoga therapy sessions.

4. Favorite thing about being a teacher.

My work truly is my bliss. I love yoga it is usually what I do when I’m not working too! I believe in the practice and the philosophies and values it embodies. I get the unique opportunity in life to do and share with other what truly lights me up. Basically, I want to bring students into the experience I’m having, and I hope that they come to health and happiness as well.

5. Favorite NOLA restaurant or hang out. 

Good Karma Cafe!


6. Something students may not know about you.

My girlfriend is a tango dancer. I try to tango with her and my performance just defies the concept of practice. I honestly get worse every time! I’m asking Jimmy for help.

7. Yogi-toe, Yay? or Nay?

Oh… we all know they aren’t perfect, but it’s better than a wet mat! I’d say it’s best to buy a mat where you don’t need one tho.