We are Parisite DIY.

We are excited to announce our upcoming fundraising partnership Parisite DIY Skatepark. We have pledged to donate 50% of the proceeds from our Sat 4p Community Class throughout the next month to their Kickstarter. We are proud to support this non profit organization in their mission to empower youth here in New Orleans. This skatepark not only provide kids a safe, fun environment, keeping them off the street and away from violence and drugs, But it also encourages kids to be physically active and social outside of video games and social media. Which is something we can get behind.












What can you do? Just come to our Saturday 4p Community Class, pay your $7 drop in, have a fabulous class, and you’re done. You’ll be accomplishing a good deed for the community as well as yourself. If you’d like to contribute any extra amount let the front desk know. The extra lagniappe goes straight to the Kickstarter campaign.