Weekend Workshop Series with Shaney Aalbers

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Join us for a weekend workshop series with guest teacher Shaney Aalbers. Shaney hails from the Pacific Northwest. Portland, OR to be exact. It is an honor for us to host Shaney for this short bit of time. We encourage our community to take advantage of a beautifully, creative asana practice that is uniquely voiced with thoughtful and poetic speech.

When: March 13th – 15th
Price/Cost: $45 for individual workshops
$148 for the entire weekend.
Where: Reyn Studios – Upstairs of 725 Magazine st.

Friday, March 13th, 5:30 – 7:30p
Part 1: RECESS TIME: An Intro Class: All Levels

Respectfully, we will enter the experience of community/group practice, ceremony if you
will. We’ll seduce our limitations and blind spots, so as to unleash the creativity of play in
our body’s movement and spirit empowerment. We will test both, the mind’s focus and the heart
determination. Skill and technique will be explored to manage our breath while
excitement rises and ease follows. In other words, what gets turned up will be
brought back down. In the end – a full meal deal will be received. This two hour workshops will include: Meditation, Vinyasa based Asana, Pranayama. It will be an exploration for all levels. (2 Hours)

Saturday, March 14th, 1:30 – 3:30p
Part 2: PRINCIPLES FOR THE PLAYGROUND: Next Steps (6 months experience suggested)

Classic practice principles will be enhanced with an evolved spin. We will utilize
methodical movement patterns that affect the ways we access the body’s potential in
asana. Inthis approach, the aim is to promote longevity throughout the lifespan of our structured
yoga practice. We will consider our thought-less mindsets, the “reasons why we practice” and encourage a wakeful attitude to decondition our negligence and enhance our sensitivity. Traditional asanas
such as Triangle, Tree Pose, the Warriors, Moons, etc, will be offered alongside some floor/seated
work – decorated or adorned. It is strongly suggested that participants have a baseline yoga
foundation (6 months experience). This workshop is great prep work for the next in Shaneys series. (2 Hours)

Yoga Pearl yoga instructorsPortland, Oregonphotos © 2013 Ben Moon








Sunday, March 15th, 9:00 – 11:00a
Part 3: RELATIONSHIP: Mind Muscle Training: All Levels.

The manner in which we relate to time and thinking greatly influences our embodied
energy. In turn, it can fertilize or stifle the way we connect with others and our
environment. Mind muscle training (i.e., meditation and pranayama), symbolic
movement and gesturing will complement the ways that we honor nature and the laws
of dueling opposites. Open for all levels. Great for practitioners interested in valuing
connection and steadiness beyond the standard sitting practice. (2 Hours)

Sunday, March 15th, 2:00 – 4:30p 
Part 4: YOUR FLIGHT ITINERARY: Researching Balance: All Levels.

Investigating our levity by flirting with gravity. This practice supports maintaining accountability to our mind-set (with the application of mantras symbols, and mudras). We will purposefully pattern familiarity into our nervous system with specific repetition. This is the laboratory for big kids. Dare your self much like the ways we nudge the younger, tiny folk, to try something different or new. Encourage personal interest, curiosity and growth by arm balancing and getting to BE upside down. (BE = boldly explore!) We highly encourage that you attend the playground session in order to support your inner bad ass while flying! (2.5 hours)

Yoga Pearl yoga instructorsPortland, Oregonphotos © 2013 Ben Moon

I have been leading folks through intentional breathing and moving practices since 1995. I am more comfortable referencing my role as a guide. When I slow down and I pay attention, I feel an almost impossibly large responsibility in naming what I do, that “I teach”. Time and experience prove to me that teachings clearly rise up from within. Humbly, I acknowledge that I learn immeasurably, while guiding and instructing others. I near 20 years of experience in sharing what I have collected along the way. I offer these methods and encourage my company to explore and research their own unique way, and together – we practice. I’ve acquired a couple formal, beyond the yoga industry, credits; a B.S. (degree in community health education from Portland State University), and qualifications with experience as a massage therapist (licensed since December, 2000). Off the mat and outside of my role in bodywork therapy, I feel most vital when I play recreationally; cycling, snowboarding, rock climbing, skateboarding, surfing, dancing, and frolicking with my 2 dog friends. Oh, and then there’s napping, I really enjoy naps. I would be charmed to cross paths with you, practicing the practices, exploring connection, and embodying conscious play.