Yoga for Yo’ Momma


Give your mom the gift of health and wellness. Bring her to the 6pm restorative class this Sunday, May 8th! My mom will be there. Do you think she would like yoga but is nervous about starring with public classes? Well… there are several of us here at Reyn who do specialized privates and have the right training and experience to work with people looking for a more therapeutic path of yoga. This too could make a lasting gift.

You may have to think outside the box of hot power yoga to really appreciate why yoga is something you want your parents to get into, but I promise it is, and there is a lot of research behind it. Restorative, yin, and alignment based yoga have been shown to increase mobility and strength in people over 50 without adding strain and impact which are inextricable from other forms of exercise like running and using weights. A person’s range of motion tends decrease with age and this can lead to falls as well interfere with daily activities, but yoga has been shown to combat that process. Yoga has also been shown to not just restore but actually INCREASE bone density as well as ease the effects of hormonal fluctuations associated with aging. Furthermore, Researchers suggest that the slow, rhythmic breathing integrated in yoga practice decreases nervous system activity, which helps manage blood pressure levels. If you want to know more, check out these articles cited below:


Meet the Author: Lindsey Crow is a New Orleans native. As a teacher, she believes in thoroughly integrating the principles of alignment with the principles of movement into creative, fluid, and truly fun classes. Check out her classes here at RS, including 2 Restoratives: Wednesdays at 12:30p and Sunday’s at 6:00p