Yoga Nidra Workshop with Stephen Link on Saturday, May 10th



What: Yoga Nidra is known as the Yoga of Sleep, or sleep with awareness. It is used as a tool to bring sleep under your control. It enables the practitioner to get the deepest amount of regeneration through techniques of complete body and mind relaxation. Yoga Nidra trains the mind to rest with awareness in states of total relaxation and meditation.

Benefits: The practice of Yoga Nidra is designed to alleviate insomnia and unhealthy sleeping patterns. It reduces anxiety and agitation by deeply calming the nervous system during both waking and sleeping states. It helps train concentration and focus through simple and straightforward meditation techniques that anyone can practice. During the practice we will cultivate techniques for consciously relaxing the body and mind while bringing about states of lucid awareness normally inaccessible to the conscious mind.

Langiappe: Yoga Nidra encourages the use of creative faculties that lie dormant in many individuals by accessing the subconscious mind with awareness, an aptitude that is characteristic of many famous artists and visionaries. In this workshop, we will discuss Yoga Nidra as part of an existing Yoga practice or as a totally separate technique. It is open to everyone regardless of prior Yoga experience. We will explore some gentle stretching and breathing exercises alongside a brief theoretical introduction as a precursor to our practice.

When: Saturday, May 10th from 1:30 – 3:30

Cost: $35

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