Born and raised in New Orleans, Bella Blue is mostly known for her presence in New Orleans and the world as a burlesque performer, producer, and educator. She started dancing at the age of 3 and studied extensively in ballet and modern. As she entered adulthood, she put her dreams of becoming a dancer on hold to start a family. 2 kids and one really bad hurricane later, burlesque entered her life and became a career path that has taken her to stages all over the world. Given the nature of the stress that dancing puts on the body, Bella was drawn to yoga for it's physical healing properties. She began taking yoga in 2008 at Swan River after being diagnosed with degenerative disc disease in her cervical spine. Her relationship with yoga vacillated through the years but she always knew that at some point she would want to take the leap to become a yoga teacher. Since May of 2016, Bella has dedicated much of her time to yoga teacher trainings and as of November 2017, has completed over 500 hours of training. With Bella's experience as a dancer combined with the teachings of yoga, you'll find that her classes provide a playground for balance, alignment, and challenging sequences that encourage students to explore their boundaries; physically and mentally. Her focus for the future is to attend trainings focused on PTSD and trauma and how yoga can support healing and recovery. She is extremely grateful for her teachers JackSun SLaughter and Lindsey Crow. She is inspired by the teachings of Lama Marut, Brene Brown, and Patanjali. She feels honored to have been chosen to be the mother of her two greatest teachers in life, Noah and Landon.