A special thanks and shout out to Jessamyn Stanley for coming to Reyn this weekend. Your light, love and knowledge will echo throughout our community as well your radiant energy and enthusiasm for the practice. Thanks for all who came out to hear her words of wisdom and share your practice with us.

If your looking for more yoga offerings at Reyn this January here’s what we’ve got on the docket...

Every Sunday, Jan 13 - Feb 3

Beginner's Yoga Series: Foundations of the Practice

Reyn Studios

This series will focus on not just the basics, but also how to find your own personal alignment and adapt poses to your needs. Recommended for anyone who wants to build a solid foundation in yoga asana. This 4-week offering can be taken as a consecutive series, or students can drop in to any individual class. All four classes are appropriate for beginners, but we strongly encourage beginners to take some or all of the first three classes (Standing Poses, Forward Folding, Backbends & Twists) before attending the fourth class on Sun Salutations.