Circulatory Massage

This massage is first and foremost designed for stress relief. Long, gliding strokes in the direction of the heart promote circulation of blood and lymph to help detoxify the body.  Physical benefits are immediately apparent such as reducing muscle tension; manipulation of soft tissue flushes out toxins and clears space for fresh oxygen and nutrients to flow to muscles, organs, and skin. By nature, it provides added flexibility by gently stretching and relieving tension from muscle tissue. Additionally, rhythmic, soothing strokes draws the state of mind out of fight/flight/freeze and into rest/digest, which is so desperately needed if you live a stressful lifestyle. This is your chance to fully check out and receive nourishing care you deserve.

A light weight, deep-moisturizing avocado, carrot and jojoba oil blend is selected for this treatment. Professional grade, paraben free and nut-oil free.

60 minutes - $75
90 minutes - $110
120 minutes - $150

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage usually focuses on a specific problem, such as chronic muscle pain, injury rehabilitation. Deep tissue massage uses firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia (the connective tissue surrounding muscles). It's used for chronic aches and pain and contracted areas such as a stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. Deep tissue massage isn't the same as having a regular massage with deep pressure. It's used to break up scar tissue and physically break down muscle "knots" or adhesions (bands of painful, rigid tissue) that can disrupt circulation and cause pain, limited range of motion, and inflammation. At the beginning of the massage, lighter pressure is generally applied to warm up and prep the muscles. Specific techniques are then applied.

Common focuses for treatment are:

  • Low back pain

  • Limited mobility

  • Recovery from injuries (e.g. whiplash, falls)

  • Repetitive strain injury, such as carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Postural problems

  • Muscle tension in the hamstrings, glutes, IT band, legs, quadriceps, rhomboids, upper back

  • Osteoarthritis pain

  • Sciatica

  • Sports concerns (runners, athletes)

  • Piriformis syndrome

  • Tennis elbow

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Upper back or neck pain

At certain points during the massage, you may feel some discomfort or even some pain as the massage therapist works on areas where there are adhesions or scar tissue. Pain isn't necessarily good, and it's not necessarily a sign that the massage is working. In fact, your body may tense up in response to pain, making it harder for the therapist to reach deeper muscles. Always communicate with therapist about any pain experienced during massage.

After the massage, you may feel some stiffness or soreness, like the feeling of an intense workout after not having worked out in a while. Soreness should subside within a day or so.

Professional grade Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Creme is selected for deep tissue massages. Contains Glucosamine which has been associated with the relief of joint pain and the support of healthy tissue and joints. Natural botanicals of Boswellia, Devil’s Claw and Lemon Bioflavonoids help reduce inflammation and increase mobility. Contains Arnica, which aids in skin circulation and bruising. Paraben free and cruelty free.

75 minutes - $100
90 minutes - $120
120 minutes - $160
partial body (upper or lower) 60 minute - $80


Massage cupping is essentially the inverse of the typical massage therapy. Instead of exerting pressure on the different points of the body for healing, massage cupping uses suction to tug the skin, tissues and muscles upwards.

Massage cupping benefits:

  • Promotes blood-flow to tissues, reducing stagnation

  • Supplies oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells

  • Softens tightened muscles

  • Loosens adhesions/knots

  • Lifts and stretches connective tissue

  • Opens blockages of the lymphatic nodes, easing lymph flow

  • Releases and drains excess fluids and toxins

  • Draws inflammation from deeper tissues to the surface of the skin to promote healing

This is offered as an add-on in addition to a standard massage session. Cupping sometimes results in bruise-like marks left on areas, but fades in a few days.

Add to any massage for $15. 

Thai Yoga Therapy

Thai Yoga Theraputics combines deep stretching with pressure point work to bring you to the next level of flexibility and relaxation. Each session begins with rocking to release long held tension patterns in the muscles and connective tissue. As the body begins to relax, the body is moved through stretches focused on releasing your personal tension patterns and pressure point work designed to detoxify, de-stress, and promote long term healing.

75 minutes - $150
90 minutes - $180



*Missed Appointment and Cancellation Policy*

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give 24 hours advanced notice to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment.

Thank you for your understanding.