ChE is a Queer Gender Non-Conforming, Afro-Indigenous artivist weaving ancestral healing, transformative consulting, and socially-engaged art making to craft spaces that conjure multigenerational Freedom. ChE is an honored Fellow for the 2017-2018 Intercultural Leadership Institute celebrating their unique intersectional justice framework, Afro-Indigenous Liberatory Practice. Creator of the Underground Railroad: Liberatory Coaching for Creative Radicals of Color, ChE supports Queer & Trans artists, activists, and innovators -of-Color in charting a path to freedom. With an extensive background in Afro-Indigenous somatic healing and over 15 years as a Black Yogi, ChE supports yoga instructors and healing practitioners in dismantling deeply rooted systemic cultural conditioning, outlining practical ways embodied mindfulness can create social change. As the co-founder/host of the BGD podcast, Spirit Medicine, ChE provides accessible wellness tools and rituals centering QTPOC.

Passionate about youth leadership development, ChE designed and launched the first LGBTQ youth program at Destiny Arts Center, a comprehensive program known as Moving in the Movement, that included cross-generational mentorship between LGBTQ culture bearers and aspiring youth artivists. This political education program offered Queer/ Trans* youth-of-color the opportunity to perform with Young Artists at Work of YBCA, lead workshops and marches with local organizing campaigns, be featured in Topsy Turvy Queer Circus, plant an urban garden, along with many other celebrated collaborations. ChE is currently the Artivist Director/Creator of Curricula for Queer Emerging Artivist Residency (QEAR), a healing justice residency/retreat that cultivates the artistic growth and resilience of QTPOC artists ages 18-26. As a cultural equity consultant, ChE has had the honor of supporting organizations throughout the country in unlearning systems of oppression, creating strategies for intersectional race and gender justice; clients include The Arab American National Museum, Alameda County Big Brothers Big Sisters, Destiny Arts Center, Emerging Arts Professionals, Alameda Head Start, and more.

An expression of their expansive identity, ChE’s creative pursuits cross disciplines and challenge genres through installation, storytelling, mixed-media painting, new media, altar-building, and performance art. As a director/ choreographer, ChE’s work is robust with gospel-soul sounds and movement of the African Diaspora that leave feet stomping and hands clapping. Their ongoing research and creative scholarship in the radical technologies of Queer Black Feminist Thought, Creatrix mythology, Ring Shout Folk Healing, and Afro-Indigenous Futurities have honored them with Artist-in-Residence awards from esteemed institutions such as Brown University’s Center for Slavery & Justice: Black Spatial Relics, Destiny Arts Center, New Orleans Loving Festival, This Will Take Time, Dancing Grounds and more. Steeped in national organizing, ChE roots their Black Queer Lives Matter artist platform, #DignityInProcess in the Bay Area and the Gulf South—merging site-specific performance rituals, Wisdom Councils of cross-generational mentorship, and Freedom Schools celebrating the dignity of gender expansive Afro-Indigenous evolution.

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