Hour Flow 

This quick version of our Vinyasa style class will give you the opportunity to breathe, sweat, and relax all in one hour. Whether it’s before work, in the middle of your day, or after everything is done, Power Hours are designed to move fast to have you in and out and feeling great. 


R1 is a vinyasa style class done at a moderate pace with all postures and poses explained in more depth. The R1 class focuses on the fundamental movements and sequences that form the basis of a strong yoga practice. All levels will find a challenge in the R1 class, with more advanced students revisiting the fundamentals of their practice. Whether you are the super flexible child gymnast, or the can’t touch your toes armchair enthusiast, you will enjoy and benefit from an R1 class.


R2 is the same well rounded vinyasa flow style class but moves at a quicker pace with more advanced postures offered throughout. During this class poses are offered with less explanation and moved into and out of fluidly. Expect more opportunities to move through chatarunga. This class is perfect for yogi’s familiar and knowledgable of asana names and alignment who are ready to take their practice up a notch. 


R3 is our intermediate to advanced level class. Yogis coming to this class should have solid knowledge of basic to intermediate poses. Students should expect to delve deeper into inversions, backbends, and breath work. Don’t let the word advanced scare you. If you are looking to explore more of your practice, give this class a try. 

Community Classes - $9

Same awesome classes you’ve grown to expect but at a discounted community rate. We offer our Community Classes at 4pm, 5 times a week.


A restorative yoga practice can be the yin to your yang – vigorous practice. Postures will be moved into slowly while making necessary adjustments to ensure complete comfort and ease. The smallest adjustment in this practice can make the biggest difference. Props such as bolsters, blankets and blocks are used to ensure deep support. Resting into this support frees the student to find a more mindful breath and a quiet mind. Enjoy added soothing touches such as eye pillows and essential oils to help deepen the sense of relaxation. This practice eases the parasympathetic nervous system helping to relieve stress, nourish the body and stretch connective tissue. 

Yoga Nidra

A guided meditation practice, called Yoga Nidra, translation “yoga sleep”. In this practice you will begin with light movement, and then embark on a journey of the mind into deep relaxation. This is an extremely beneficial class for one’s health, aiding in: digestion, cardiovascular stabilization, sleep aid, hypertension, sexual rejuvenation, anxiety, depression, to name a few. This is one of the best ways to bring a meditation practice into your life. Yoga Nidra is a life changing practice for both new students to the most advanced practitioner looking to deepen their practice.