From the moment the world became impossible jackSun’s (jackie’s) teachers have included 120-year old Swami Bua and his student Angela Caruso, Michelle Baker, Keith Porteous, Dana Trixie Flynn and the flying beings at Laughing Lotus NYC. Her path has been greatly shaped by the compassion and wisdom of Herman Wallace, Albert Woodfox, Robert King, Mwalimu Johnson, Malik Rahim, Norris Henderson, geronimo jijaga & all those who continue to struggle against an unjust and oppressive prison system. She is humbled by the accessible teachings of Lama Marut, Cindy Lee, Tara Brach and the gardens that grow between the hardship of life in the 7th ward where she has resided for nearly a decade. Since early 2011 Jacksun has been developing a supplemental healing program that pairs yoga and cognitive behavioral therapy called Schema Yoga in collaboration with Schema Therapist Jena Frederick LCSW. jackSun’s infusion of social justice and yoga create a unique practice that encourages growth, change, play and of course — love. She believes that we can collectively undo all the “-isms”:  racism, sexism, classism, ageism while dancing. Her classes remind us that 8-of-the-9 letters of slaughter are laughter, and that ALL of our happiness comes from the selfless service of others. jackSun is working with Reyn Studios on the RSOM program, which offers the healing practices of yoga to selected New Orleans’ non-profits.