After completing her Masters in Global and Community Health Sciences with a focus in Maternal and Childhood Health from Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine Melanie took the opportunity of a lifetime to conduct research and teach at the Dali Lama Institute for Higher Education in Bangalore, India.Melanie participated an informal 200 hour yoga teaching training with the institute's students and monks.  During her time abroad Melanie was humbled and though she loved the challenges and occasionally adventurous  aspects of life with Tibetans living in exile in India, she found New Orleans and more hands on work suited her a little better.

Arriving home, and a little unsure of how to pressure a more interactive position in birth work Melanie reexamined her course work and found she thematically found interventions focusing on women helping women to be most effective and in line with her values. Establishing that Doulas serve as an important piece of the birth team was easy, establishing qualifications and a network seemed a bit muddier. The stars aligned and Melanie quickly found a local training with Sista Midwives Productions,  and was promptly accepted into the NOLA Nesting Mentor program where she furthered her practical and theoretical skill. With enthusiasm Melanie dove into her role and is ready to help serve her community through improving New Orleans birth outcomes and giving new families a strong and healthy foundation.  A huge proponent of continuing education, and always looking for ways to align her personal practices with her professional endeavors Melanie completed her prenatal yoga teacher training at Swan River Yoga Mandir in New Orleans in 2016. Each class, private or public, seeks to help moms relax, tune into their bodies and build confidence in themselves through mindful breathwork and intentional movement. November 2018 will see the completion of Melanie’s 400 hour yoga teacher training with Swan River Yoga Mandir.

Community Doula work which involves establishing a strong working relationship with the expecting parents throughout the prenatal period with continuing support during labor and remaining an accessible resource for the families during the postpartum period is how Melanie likes to operate. Having worked as a nanny for years and as an infant care provider she understands how difficult transitioning into life with a baby can be and wants to help parents feel confident as the embark on the challenge of raising a little New Orleanian.