Private Yoga Classes

On-site one-to-one private sessions are a powerful way to deepen your practice. Students of any level can benefit from the specialized focus and attention that the private setting provides. Here a few ways you can spend this valuable time:

  • Yoga Attunement: fine tuning your alignment in all the major pose groups. Build confidence and clarity in your practice. The rhythm of Vinyasa yoga doesn’t allow the time to say it all, so we can hold this space to really get clear on the poses we do a lot. A great focus for a one-time 90 min private;

  • Therapeutic Yoga: Working with a particular injury or issue? Or, just don’t feel like the group classes work for you? This option affords you the proper time and attention to learn modifications or particular practices specific to your needs; (number of 1hr sessions may vary based on needs/interests)

  • Yoga Conditioning: focusing on strength and stability. We’ll go through the stabilizing actions and even add some strength conditioning exercises. This is a fantastic choice for the advanced practitioner or those dealing with hypermobility issues; (three 1 hr sessions recommended)

  • Approaching Challenging Poses: It just takes time and deep focus to properly deal with the inversions, arm balances, and deep backbends. Use this time to work with the fundamentals and build to the big expressions. (three 1 hr sessions recommended);

  • Intro to Yoga: simply approaching yoga basics if you’re new to yoga. It can be daunting to begin your journey with yoga in the community setting. In the Intro to Yoga private, we give you the time and skills to warm up to those group classes. We’ll add some restorative postures and breath work to get you relaxed and feeling good about yoga. (three 1 hr sessions recommended);  

  • Develop a home practice: Let us take the the time to help you build some sequences that you can do at home. You can feel safe and confident that what you do on your own is backed by sound methodologies and is customized to meet your needs and interests. (three 1 hr sessions recommended)

The possibilities are as vast as the benefits. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions. We can put you in touch with a teacher who can answer your questions and see if a private session is a good choice for you.


  • One 1 hour on site Private = $130

  • Bundle of three 1 hour privates = $300

*Same pricing for 2 people; over 2 people and an addition $20 is added per person, per session.

Please contact to schedule Private Yoga Sessions.

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please give 24 hours advanced notice to ensure that you will not be charged for the appointment. Thank you for your understanding. 

In-class Private (ICP) with Thomas Q. Sims

Traditionally, yoga was taught one on one—one teacher teaching one student at a time. In modern times, yoga is more often taught in group classes. The Yoga In-Class Private (or ICP) is a unique way to experience both methods of teaching: the student and his or her private certified yoga teacher together attend a regular group class. From beginning to end, the student practices with the hands on assists of their private teacher, who safely guides them through every minute of the class guiding the student into correct alignment in all asanas as well as deep understanding of all other components of the class (e.g., breathing practices, chanting, etc.). ICPs always conclude with a special deep relaxation yoga massage in shavasana. This is the ultimate yoga class experience. An ICP can be adapted to and given in almost any class at Reyn Yoga. The most popular classes in which to receive an ICP is one of our flow-based classes.

PRICE: ICP (in a public class): $70

Please contact to schedule an ICP with Thomas.