March 9-10, 2019

Registration now open!

Join the Ohm Well's health and wellness community for our first open level Journey to Reiki training! This training is for everyone who is ready to bring about transformation within their own lives and their communities.

This training is great for yoga instructors, massage therapists and all other body workers, fitness instructors and healthcare workers. We will discuss ways to improve “bedside manners” and how to listen to our clients and support their bodies.

Benefits: Upon completion of this training, new practitioners will receive their Reiki I attunements. Current practitioners will receive Reiki II, III or IV attunements dependent on their prior Reiki certifications.

Participants will be able to provide healing adjustments to yourselves as well as others.

This training also provides:

~ Tools to deepen your yoga + meditation practice.

~ Tools to create a sacred space for yourself, clients, and students during classes and Reiki sessions

~ Tools to navigate your healing practice as an empath

~ A deeper understanding of the chakra system

~ A workshop on “distance healing" and candle dressing

~ A workshop on providing healing for differently abled bodies*

*Guidance in implementing Reiki symbols in your healing practice for Reiki II, III and IV practitioners*

Lead Instructor: Valerie McMillan

Investment: $225

Schedule of Sessions:
Saturday, March 9th, 1:30-5:30
Sunday, March 10th, 1:30-5:30