For me yoga is just as much about cultivating a loving attitude toward the world as it is about physical fitness; one serves the other.  I feel that as you develop body awareness and a more complete breath you naturally become more clear minded and available for others.  This, to me, is the true beauty and gift of yoga.

I find the asana fun and enjoyable in and of itself, especially practicing with friends and community around you. 

I love teaching and holding space for others to deeper their practice as well.  I aim to continually refine my skill as a teacher to better serve any and all who come in for a class.  I graduated a 500 yoga teacher training in 2015 and have been teaching in New Orleans ever since.  I love this city and all the magic it creates.  I was born and raised in Wisconsin and New Orleans is the first place that I have lived since then that genuinely feels like home. 

 I have also found the yoga practice to greatly enhance my endeavors as an artist in the medium of creative writing, painting, and filmmaking.  The two (art and yoga) have truly interwoven into one discipline, both adding dimension and new life to the other.

Over the course of my life I have have been given many nicknames; Sammy, Sammy Danger, Sampson, Samwise, Samurai, So Ham Sam... Sammish was my very first nickname and it was given to my by my Uncle Mike when I was only 7 years old. He just spontaneously shouted it out one evening before a family dinner and now to this day my family and oldest friends still call me by that name; Sammish.