Originally from Alabama, Sam has been living and training in New Orleans since 2010. He graduated from Auburn University and works as a Software Engineer. He is a 2nd-degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu under Sifu Joseph Meissner in New Orleans in the lineage of Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'. He is a senior instructor at New Orleans Shaolin-Do, and helps manage the studio. 

A few years into his kung fu training, he began learning the Internal Martial Arts: tai chi, pa kua (bagua), and hsing-i (xingyi). Tai Chi is a martial art derived from the principles of yielding, accommodation, rooting, releasing tension, and staying present in the moment, rather than on external strength and hardness. Since basic tai chi training revolves around practicing these fundamentals, it's easy to see why Tai Chi has become a popular practice for health and wellness. Sam hopes that through his Tai Chi Foundations class he can introduce people to these ancient techniques for promoting stillness and inner strength. He believes yoga and martial arts are complementary practices that go hand-in-hand and is excited to be able to work with Reyn Studios.