After years of disembodied negligence and social ignorance, Sean found himself seeking beyond the conditioned expectations of his culture and peers. You might say he took the hard way to discovering Yoga, trying most every addiction to pacify the existential situation. Alas, when sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll seemed to only amass in jail cells and hospital rooms, the sticky mat offered a formative teacher. Through community and discipline, toxic addiction transformed to healthy habituation, where body linked mind in holistic awareness. By beginning the journey of recognizing his own selfish behaviors, a progressive process emerged where a purpose centered around supporting flourishing for all humans took precedent. This came into fruition through both a faith and yogic community, scholastic ventures in theology and philosophy, spiritual disciplines, and communal service. His first teacher training was co-lead by Jessica Blanchard, a student of K. Pattabhi Jois. For the last year Sean, has been in an apprenticeship with Jessica and is beginning his second Ashtanga focused teacher training in March 2018 under hers and Meredith Murphy’s (student of R. Sharath Jois) tutelage. Both women inspire and challenge him by passing on the Ashtanga lineage, sharing an informed tradition with appropriate contextual implications for contemporary Western culture, that he then hopes to deliver to his students. Through yoga and other practices, Sean strives to better love and serve the community and world around him.